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Neighborhood and Community Leaders Project


The Neighborhood and Community Leaders Project is training and supporting a cadre of community volunteers to engage in hyper-local, data-driven, sustained community organizing from now until November 2018 and beyond.   We are focusing on listening to each other and building relationships to identify common concerns across party lines and strengthen our grassroots activist base, as well as registering voters.

Neighborhood Leaders are trained in difficult dialogues and given voter lists of nearby households, including swing voters, infrequent progressive voters, and frequent left-leaning voters.  Community organizing activities include door-to-door canvassing, house parties, neighbor-to-neighbor coffees, and personal phone banking.  Neighborhood Leaders engage in issue-based conversations, with the goals of:

  1. building relationships and listening to voters’ concerns;
  2. educating voters on key issues and candidates;
  3. getting people to take action (write a postcard, come to a protest, etc.);
  4. recruiting new activists;
  5. encouraging election turnout;
  6. promoting voter registration; and
  7. gathering and tracking voter data—including changes in address, new email/phone and other contact information, and voters’ expressed candidate preferences and issue positions.

Community Leaders are super-star Neighborhood Leaders who coordinate and "captain" groups of nearby Neighborhood Leaders by organizing trainings, convening check-ins and debriefs, and supporting everyone to learn and grow as resistance organizers.

Will you join us?