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"The 49th is ground zero. Ours is the most contested seat in the nation — whether we can stop the Trump agenda depends on us." 

--Donna Layden, Flip the 49th Volunteer, Vista

Sending Mike Levin to Congress and defeating Harkey is the fight of our life.  We have a profound moral obligation to our children and our country to win in November. We are the only ones who can take this district. Our district. The 49th. Sometimes, whether you want it our not, history calls your name. Now is that moment. Donate and volunteer to #flipthe49th


Kennedy Is Gone. Now Vote.

By The Editorial Board


If the last few days hadn’t been dispiriting enough for those who believed the Supreme Court could still stand for reproductive freedom, equal rights for all Americans, a check on presidential power, a more humane criminal justice system and so much more, Wednesday afternoon brought the coup de grâce.

Everyone knew it was coming sooner than later, but Justice Anthony Kennedy’s retirement, which he announced in a letter released hours after the court had issued its final rulings of the term, is still crushing. It sends a stark message to the tens of millions of Americans who have long turned to the court for the vindication of many of their most cherished rights and protections: Look somewhere else.

That place is the ballot box. So show up and vote. In the absence of a Supreme Court majority that will reliably protect human dignity, universal equality and women’s right to control their own bodies, it is up to Americans who cherish these values to elect politicians at every level of government who share them.

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