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Strike Teams


While the Neighborhood and Community Leaders Project is all about building long-term relationships with our own neighbors, the Strike Teams are opportunities for people inside and outside the district to organize for a day or a weekend, for as much or as little time you can.  We are  knocking on doors and listening to voters' concerns, registering young people, educating voters on the issues, and recruiting new activists.   

Through phonebanking, canvassing, and voter registration ‘hot spot’ activities, we are targeting the most strategic doors, households, neighborhoods, streets, beaches, and public spaces: especially households with infrequent left-leaning voters and potential swing voters.

Together we will talk to 75,000 people (1/3rd of voters across the district) before June 2018!

Sign-up to organize a canvass, phonebank, or voter registration 'hot spot' tabling day!  Don't worry, it's fun and easy.  We will give you all the materials and training you need, and help you select the most strategic locations where your efforts will make the maximum impact.  You just need to bring your passion and a few friends!   

Or sign-up to attend an upcoming Strike Team Action already organized near you!